Can't open file, says it's in use elsewhere "exclusively"

Have a customer complaining that on some large files (~1Gb) he is getting a message that the file can’t be opened, it is open elsewhere in “exclusive mode” (translating from French, I have never seen this message box before). This does look like it’s on a network share of some sort (address blanked out below for confidentiality reasons).

I have experienced problems saving files on a network - and there has been some noise of that here as well from various people - but never about opening a file… Normally it should just tell you it’s read-only if it is in use elsewhere - which is not the case in this instance either…


Hi Mitch - that is a new one to me too… @brian may have an idea…


We sometimes get this on our network shares if we double click the file in the File Explorer to open it.

However, if we instead open Rhino, and then click File - Open in Rhino, the message never shows and it works.

C’est la vie. :wink: