Cant make boundary surface on irregular shape!

irregular (14.2 KB)

I could use boundary tool normally till I start use graph mapper. Even with “join tool” couldnt help. any ideas??

Internalize your ‘Crv’ param please?

I solve this problem,but this time I want make point move in Z axys randomly.Solution which I did not giving me such a noise random effect.Any ideas how to make it more irregular?? irregular (20.4 KB)

You need to supply different seeds in order to get different random sequences. If you generate ten sequences all with seed=2, they will all end up being the same.

There’s two ways to do this sensibly:

  • Generate different seeds using a Series component. You’ll have to figure out how many different ones basedon the number of lists.
  • Flatten your data, count the total number of values, generate a single list of random numbers, then use the Unflatten Tree component to put the random data back into the tree structure you need.
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Here are examples of my solutions: (29.3 KB)

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