Can't loft curve in the same plane

I have created a facade and used an algoritm to make it responsive to the radiance. But, i have the surface and cuves of the facade and the surface and curves of the possible windows, but can’t create a surface with this possible windows as holes. I already tried loft but it doesn’t work. Someone have an idea?

Error message?

Error message: “1. solution exception - the index is out of range - it should not be negative and smaller than the collection size” (I use the software in my native language, so i’m not sure of this translation)
I’m sorry, i forgot to post the (403.3 KB)
erro.3dm (166.6 KB)

It seems you forgot to upload epw weather file. No one knows your project location.

I can’t upload the epw weather file here. But I don’t think that the location could be the major problem on that question.

So, to make your definition work, Someone who willing to help you should download any epw file and check it out?

Unfortunately yes, the forum don’t allow the upload of this kind of file. But did you have some idea about how to make easier for people to help?

ZIP file can be uploaded.

Not sure, is there a feature in the Ladybug that allows to download an epw file from epw map page via any browser system?

Just by removing your “0” scaling factors…BTW, not sure about this but you should apply the radiation result value to the facade in reverse? (405.8 KB)

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I have applied in reverse due the weather here, it’s better to close in the areas with more radiance reception.
And i just downloaded your script. Thank you for your help!

I didn’t had realized it, thank you!

As for this one - Yes, you can download epw files from the map page here: