Can't list item

Hi guys! I am trying to list these items that are selected in yellow in the screenshot, I tried with a convex hull but it didn’t work. Is there a better way to do it? Thank you!

These are the volumes I want to list

These are the ones I get when I try to select them with a convex hull

list (241.6 KB)

the cubes on the line are selected because they coincide with one edge of the convex hull which is a triangle.
for that reason I used the same thinking but with bounding box rotated 45 degrees. It’s a very specific trick which would not work if they were in any other arrangement. (241.9 KB)

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thank you! do you know if there’s any way to recognize them without a geometric approach but rahter with listing or culling them?

no, this is the first thing that I tried but they are more or less random.
most probably, if you could share the way you constructed them there would be a better way.
other than that, @seghierkhaled’s way is way smarter and could work in more cases.

Slightly less geometrical.

list (245.4 KB)


Thank you all!