Cant join curve and extrude them to solid


i have a problem when i come to extract the curve, the curve is intersecting and i tried to trim it
to join them but its not working, also i tried the command Crvend and Crvststart and Crvboolean but i get the same problem. is there any fast commant cant make me extrude the curves into solid wall
thank you
curve.3dm (178.3 KB)

Hello - you have many overlapping and duplicate curve segments in this file. There are also some very short segments - tolerance or less, and some stray pieces here and there.
Just need to clean up the curves and it should work OK.


i tried to clean everything but i dont know why its not working

Hello - you set up has a lot of parts but it is basically very simple as far as I can see - if you explode all curves and then join them one by one you’ll see where the problems occur, it is probably much simpler to redraw these cleanly from lines and arcs.

These are all dupplicates-

and there are more that overlap but are not duplicates.


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explode your model. find duplicates with command SelDup and delete. Select all and try command join. now you probably have a bunch of open and closed curves. use command SelClosedCurve to find all closed curves and delete the ones which are not ment to be closed. re-draw missing pieces.

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thank you!