Can't install the 11/14 Beta

Using below:

(6.1.17312.221, 2017/11/08)

Using the check for update says I’m using the latest BETA.
I may have installed the latest on another pc which I don’t have access at the moment.

Latest BETA is (6.0.17325.16351, 21.11.2017). Did you press the Check Now… link/button on the check for updates -page?

I hit the check for update and browser opens but says it’s the latest.
I could go open the link from the release update thread, but I need to go through all the
serial number entering…

The latest PUBLIC beta is 6.0.17325.08311.
The latest available daily is 6.0.17325.16351.
(both are 2017-11-21)

Checking daily, gives same results. Rhino is up-to-date.

I wonder if it has something with installing to multiple pcs…

Installed directly from link to the dowload. Thanks!

Ah, you got accidently a 6.1 build. You should uninstall this very Rhino, and install another 6.0 build. There was a few hours or days that those accidently ended up in the 6.0 update stream.

Got it. Thanks. will uninstall it first.
I was wondering since I was able to select cylces render :wink: