Can't import V5 .3dm in either Soliworks 2016 or OnShape. V4 version does work

Same file as a native V5 is not recongnized by either Solidworks 2016 or Onshape. But if i save as a V4 both import it well.

Why? Any ideas?


Hi Gustavo - so far SW has not shown any interest in supporting 3dm beyond v4…


Idiots. what about Onshape? They are new and bragging they support Rhino.

Onshape… ex SW guys. I’ll see if we can make another run at reminding both…


I’m seeing Jon in a few days. I’ll remind them that they have no chance to get in here (which tehy want) unless they support what we use.


There we go! Done. You do all the heavy lifting , OK? =)