Can't grasp the list concept

I have tried to make mass addition for all values with index 1 and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.
There is no merge, no entwine anymore. I tried to read help but it is more of a glossary rather than problem solver.

Can someone point me to the good source of a G2 data handling?

What happens here is that all the lists are merged in the Li input, yielding something like [EL3, 400, EL2, 7000, EL1, 700, EL4, 600], although the exact order depends on the connections and I can’t see it. From this big list you then select the second item, which is 400 and you perform mass addition on it.

I think you’re on the right track though and yes, with Merge and Entwine still missing this is harder than it should be.

One possible way forward is to cull your combined list by frequency (i.e. remove the “ELx” values), or use the indexing component but with indices [1,3,5,7].

Today’s alpha has a few more list and range components which may help, but it doesn’t have merge or entwine yet.

Another idea, just run all your values through an Integer parameter. The “ELx” strings should become nulls, then you can mass add the remaining values.

Something banal in GH1 (eve with long list of inputs) become a hurdle at this point.
It was my first approach to do anything in Gh2 and it scared me a bit.
Guess, I need to spend some time learning again, but, don’t worry, I love it.