Can't get .stl file to open Black color

I just updated from Windows 7 to 10. In 7 when I double clicked on an .stl file it would open in Rhino in black (which is easier to see density then in white). I can change it to black in properties for that one session, but not to open black all the time. I switched the color to black in Options>View>Display modes>Ghosted( and the other display modes)>Mesh>change from use “Objects color” to Black, but that doesn’t seem to work. It did in Windows 7

Hello - is the layer color black? Are the display modes set to defaults?


When I convert a .3dm to .stl its on object layer? Usually Green. Display modes are default

Actually the ghosted mode display for Translucency is changed to green

Strange that I got .stl files to open in black in windows 7 and now I can’t figure it out since upgrading to windows 10 (not a fresh install).

Solved the problem.

Thanks for the help. Sorry for bothering for such a small concern, but I check my .stl files multiple times a day