Can't get Stacked fractions to stack

Hello, I very pleased that in the latest version of Rhino WIP that there is an option for stacked fractions. I can’t seem to get it to work though. I am very keen to start using this in my drawing work flow. Can someone help me to do this please.

Please let me know if any one else experiencing this issue? Or if it’s working with you?

Many thanks

Nope, not working here.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Since it’s not just me I’m guessing that I should flag it up as a current WIP issue. Do you know if there a place to do this?

I think this thread will suffice.

I see it on the defect list.
Annotation is undergoing a lot of development churn currently.

Stacked fractions are in process for support in new versions of dimensions that will be available in v6.
They don’t work in the current v5-style dimensions.
The new dimensions aren’t exposed in the WIP yet. They don’t save in and read from files and there are no opject property pages for them.
There are test commands that let you make them, but you can’t save them yet. - DimLin, DimAng, DimRad, DimDia …
You can use ConvertAnnotation to change between old and new style dimensions, but again, you won’t be able to save them.

Sounds great. The lack of stacked fractions has been one of my major bugbears with doing my draughting work in Rhino. I’m very pleased that this is going to be one of the additions to Rhino 6. A truly worthwhile improvement. Thank you and I look forward to seeing it fully implemented :slight_smile:

Will all the dims options be exposed in RhinoScript?

All of the options are available in RhinoCommon which means they are also available to python scripts. Rhinoscript will require new functions to be written.