Can't get past reading the user license agreement


I click on license agreement link on first screen and this is what i see. I have to kill rhino to get rid of this.

Hi Christopher, I’m not seeing this. What version of Windows and Rhino do you have installed?


If you are patient enough to hit Retry repeatedly for up to several minutes you will probably reach a point where Rhino will continue.

I’ve had this occur a lot on one machine on Rhino startup, but not on another that I used contemporaneously. I’ve never got to the bottom of it, largely because repeatedly hitting Retry was less demanding than diagnosis, but I suspect that it is due to having some combination of software running.

The errant system has been replaced by a new PC with a different software mix and since then the problem hasn’t occurred, so diagnosis is no longer an option. Because the problem is hard to reproduce, I suspect the root cause will only be found when someone loans a machine with the problem to McNeel’s tech team.

I’ve seen that come up when I’ve got one session of Rhino super-busy doing a render or running a script–it’s not all the time that happens, it has to be especially demanding–and I try to open up another one. It means that some other process is consuming all the CPU or has some system thing locked up such that you can’t do some other thing(ha does that sound vague enough?)… so how that can happen just installing Rhino I have no idea. If you choose the ‘switch to’ option, what does it take you to?

Ok, i found that I could read agreement if i started Rhino in safe mode. But i find it odd that this happens on a simple browse to static text, which is not exactly demanding. Once i got past that, i could use the software in regular mode no issue.

As I understandit, Rhino uses a Windows service to check for updates and download them in the background. This is the same service Windows and other applications share. What’s happening is Windows is getting a “log jamb” of requests for the service and it is reporting back to Rhino that is is too busy.

You have a couple of options.
If you start Windows and leave it alone for a while, the update requests will eventually finish so Rhino will start without a gripe.

The other option is to turn off checking for updates in Rhino.
If this is V5 of V6, you can turn off checking for updates in Rhino Options, as there will be no more Service Release updates for them.
If this is V7, that’s not a good idea.

Service Release updates come out every month fixing bugs.

I am a software developer. This whole thing sounds pretty hokey and should be fixed. There is no legitimate reason for such a delay on opening a simple text dialog. if McNeel is smart, they will fix this poor first impression. Yes, we all have bugs, but this has very poor optics.
Using V7

Dude you’re the first person to ever, ever report this.

True, I have never seen a report of this either…

Hmm, maybe they just worked around it or never read the agreement. Most people don’t read those things. Well, it happened. Do whatever you want with it.

Possibly not in the very specific context of the licence text, but frequently in other contexts as for example on startup in Server busy - rhino startup message

50 + hits on a discourse search for Server Busy. Enough, one would think for McNeel to want to get to grips with this (admittedly difficult to track down) issue. Just to be clear I have seen this on a daily basis on one machine over the course of a year or so, during which time I never saw it with any other software (and I had a broad spectrum installed) so it doesn’t have to happen.