Can't get orientation right with applying a certain texture

I am very frustrated about trying to duplicate a texture to an object that I got right the first time. The object in question is the large object in this drawing. It is supposed to be brushed stainless steel. The brushed texture is lengthwise across the object.

This is what I wanted. Except for how things look at the curved end on the left.

When I was working on a second similar design and I tried to add the same texture to the stainless steel it ended up looking like this with the brushed finish in the wrong direction. I applied the same texture file. I can’t figure out why it came out so differently than the first time. This is what I get.

The odd part here is that the texture looks better on the rounded end on the left.

How do I get this to look right, with the brushed finish like in the top model, and the rounded end like in the bottom model.

Hi Zews - applying planar mapping to the object should help sort that out. ApplyPlanarMapping


That worked beautifully, thank you.

However now this happens when I render looking at it from one direction. The bottom area of the stainless steel looks much darker than the top. Moving the light does not seem to help.

And when I render looking at it from a different direction it looks right, like this.

What am I doing wrong this time.

I wonder if it is the reflection of the rectangular light I am using. However moving the light does not seem to help. Rotating the object in various positions does seem to help.

When I rotate the point of view slightly it looks fine like this. But that is not the angle from which I wanted to show the object.

It looks like a reflection from the environment, most likely.