Can't get any bigger fillets than 20-30mm? They don't get anywhere near the middle of the lines

Don’t know what’s wrong here. I googled a bit and saw some others having similar issues. But in their case it was cause the fillet would go past the middle of the lines. In my case it doesn’t get anywhere near the middle of any line. The fillets are absolutely tiny.

Problem (2.9 KB)

It’s a bad curve (how did you make it). Look a the control points, that is why your fillets stop. Just simplify the curve to remove the unnecessary control points.

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It was made from a split Surface that I converted into a curve.

What I was trying to do was take a curve that already had fillets, remove the fillets and replace them with new fillets. There must be some better way to do it than the way I did it. I just picked all the straight lines, extended them and split a Surface with them, then converted that Surface into a curve.

I’m just trying to learn on my own so I do things in (probably) really odd ways :slight_smile:

Thanks btw