Can't find the plugin

I have installed the live connection. But it doesn’t show up neither in Grasshopper nor in Archicad.
No plugin files are even present in the GH Libraries and AC add-ons. However, when I try to reinstall, it says that the connection is already there. I also can’t find it in the windows programs to uninstall.
What can I do?

P.S. I have the latest versions of Archicad, Rhino and Grasshopper

Hi -

Perhaps there are some clues in the following thread:

Apart from that, you would have to contact the developers of that plug-in.

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I kind of solved it by copying the plugin files for both Archicad and Grasshopper from my other computer and placing them in the corresponding directories. Still I can’t install the update of the live connection but now it works at least.