Can't find style setting, possible to show the line as I show the blue line?

Can’t find style setting, possible to show the line as I show the blue line? Pretty standard way to dimension, I must be missing something.dim line

That doesn’t look like a dimension.
Maybe the Leader command?

Not at all. I’ve been making engineering drawings 25 years with many programs, this is standard. You can see 2 examples I just whipped up, also Autocad works the same way as I recall, very standard way of moving dimension values out of a crowd. I see how to almost do it in Rhino, it extends the dimension line if I let the text rotate 90°, then the dimension line will extend, but can’t figure a setting as I’ve used with many other programs, and I’m not trying to pick on Rhino i it doesn’t, just would be extremely surprised if it doesn’t.

example from the web…dim 2

Maybe @mary can have a look when she can come up for air.

Thank you John

Hi Jay,
Leader styles when the dimension text is moved away from the default positions
has already been logged as RH-55114
We added your vote for this feature and also your examples.

Rhino does not offer a geometric tolerance feature.
Seven years ago, I logged the feature request RH-2256 for consideration in future Rhino version.

The 90 degree leader will likely show up in Rhino, be for the geometric tolerance is added.
Thanks for letting us know that you are interested in these features.
It will help the developers prioritize with other request.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle WA

Thank you for clarifying.