Can't find Squid (Shapediver Edition)

So I just installed Shapediver 1.6 on a new machine and tried opening one of our existing GH files.

Weirdly it is saying that it has an unrecognized object from Squid (Shapediver Edition)

There is not tab with Squid in GH. But if I place BitmatComponents.gha in the components folder it is saying its trying to load it twice. So its there an GH recognizes it, but there is no tab and the file cant find the component.

So whats going on there?

I have to say that managing plugins in GH is already bad enough as it is, but if you use Shapediver it gets a whole lot worse since you can only use certain versions and sometimes special versions of plugins. Now that Squid (Shapediver Edition) is not located in the components folder any longer makes it even harder.

Since version 1.6, Squid is included in the plugin installer. It will make things much more convenient with future updates, and users who have directly installed version 1.6 did not experience issues. However, the transition to 1.6 from a previous version is not a very smooth process. You need to make sure that all previous versions of the ShapeDiver plugin, the special Squid version and the Bitmap component are deleted from your component folder before you can install the new version. I agree it’s not ideal but once it’s done, all updates will be handled by the installer in the future versions.

Thanks Mathieu.

I have tried again and checked the components folder. No Squid or Bitmapcomponents is in there. I have also uninstalled Shapediver 1.6 and reinstalled it.

When I open Rhino and GH I can see Shapediver is installed fine, but still no trace of Squid.

Take a look at my GH and the installed Shapediver folder and my GH components folder.

You might have run in a separate problem, which some users have experienced before:

Could you try this fix and let me know if it fixes the issue?

Thank you Mathieu.

It was the GrasshopperDeveloperSettings thing. The Coff Byte Array setting was not turned on.

I wonder if your installer could enable the setting automatically.