Can't find panels menu

Hi there,
I’m new to rhino and I want to learn to apply texture to some objects I have made.
Although i’ve watched various tuorials, I cannot seem to find the panels menu or libraries. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!

Across the top menu I see file / edit / view / curve / surface / solid / mesh / dimension / transform / tools / analyze / render / window / help.
In this tutorial
he says (at the start) to go render > panel > libraries.
But there is no ‘panel’ in my render menu.


You should find it here (mine’s in french but it will be in the same place in the english version);

Also make sure in the same menu that you have chosen the “Toucan” render module.



Thanks so much - wonderful!
One other (hopefully) little question … doing as you advised brought up the basic materials. How do I access more materials - is there something I have to add / somewhere I can download? and how do I add my own materials to the list?

Thanks a lot, very kind,

Up 'till now I’ve been using the basic stuff - you can copy and edit materials to your own taste, just drag into the Personal library,then edit - I haven’t found yet somewhere where you can download directly materials for “Toucan”, but haven’t been looking that hard.