Can't find a way to check if RevSurface is transposed

Hi! I’m new in Rhino.
Tried to export geometry data into my app using C#. But faced with a problem when exporting surface of revolution.
It turned out that Domain(1) returns an angle interval for the surface from attached file, although I expect it to be a generator interval.
So, I can conclude that the surface is transposed. But I don’t see any way to check this. Did I miss something?
I see ON_RevSurface::m_bTranspose in openNURBS, but nothing like that in Rhino3dm.
v4_DVDCase_Solid_changed.3dm (129.7 KB)

Hi @Andrey3,

I’ve added a RevSurface.IsTransposed property to RhinoCommon.

It will be available in next week Rhino 8.4 service release candidate.

– Dale


RH-79529 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 4 Release Candidate

Thanks for notification!
But when this fix be available in Rhino3dm NuGet package?
Current version 8.0.1 was released 2 months ago.

@fraguada - can you help?

@Andrey3 I will need to bring this over to rhino3dm. Will look to get a build up next week.