Cant find a kangaroo 2 component

HI , I am learning Kangaroo 2 and i am using a set of definitons released by Daniel Piker.

one of the excercise does have a component that i cannot find inside current Kangaroo2. I find a similar component that uses same icon but the one show below is like a ghost.

does anyone know where i can find it ?


This component is obsolete, you can always find any obsolete component by doing the usual double click type search on the canvas but use “#” first.

thanks a lot Mahdiyhar,

point is that i was making the search without “#” and the result was only the curve collide (CC) component

the Collide2d comes out on the search only by using “#” and i didnt know i could finest the search by doing this

i was also trying to use the “CTRL”+“ALT” search option but the “Collide2d” is like a ghost and its position is not shown. do you know if there is a phisycal location or is it a hidden component ?



Hi @cloudsvisitor77

See this post:
Need kangaroo's CurvePointCollide to affect both point and curve

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll make sure the example file is updated.