Can't Fillet Curve


Was wondering why I can’t fillet the corner of these two curves.
File in att.


upload.3dm (30.4 KB)

fillets need to happen on curves which share the same plane.
read the bottom-left area of the window when trying the fillet.

Hi Philippe,

I believe the reason FilletCorners does not work here with large radius values is due to the result not being a single planar arc. For instance at a radius value of .1 it works. In a case like this I would use BlendCrv. You’ll need to enable the trim and join options and move the start points of the blend around on each curve. Also, make sure to toggle the continuity type to update the size of the blend after moving the start locations. The result will be a tangent blend not a single fillet.

Thanks! Didn’t know that it needed to be on the same plane. Blend indeed then! :slight_smile: