Cant figure out where the definition is going wrong



Hello guys, so I was studying grasshopper definitions and got this TU delft university definition for a parametric ramp so i can see the logic behind.

The thing is i am lost on it, or the code wont work out (i dont really know if its because of the “old” parameters), i am not even able to figure out why is not working. If somebody could help me with that, explain why or even both it would be great.



Ramp.3dm (21.1 KB) (36.9 KB)



(David Rutten) #4

Wat een ramp zeg*. The file works here as expected, no warnings anywhere.

I think you’re going to have to zoom in on the orange components to see what the warning message is. The real problem is probably with the fourth component along the top, as it seems to be ouputting no data (orange wires).

* ha ha ha.

(David Rutten) #5

ps. It shouldn’t matter that components are marked as ‘old’, that just means there are newer versions available that work slightly differently, it doesn’t mean there’s a problem with the old ones.

(David Rutten) #6

I’m suspicious at what seems to be a missing wire in your file though:


in yours were doing fine??

(David Rutten) #8

Yeah works here. You have to figure out why the Filter component is outputting null data. It’s probably because the [G] input is set to 1, which in turn means that A (whatever that is) is indeed smaller than B (whatever that stands for). I don’t quite know why that might happen, but luckily it’s waaaay at the beginning of the network so there’s not a lot to consider when debugging this.