Can't figure out how to add edges to remove ngons in this subd object

Hi there, i have what seems to be a very simple problem. I have this object which is sth i did ages ago and i cleaned it up as best i could. i have one ngon left which should be really easy to fix if i could just figure out. The object has X and Y symetry.

Here is the ngon i need to get rid of:

and if i could just insert the green edges here the problem would be solved and it would be all quads:

after that i would love to also add the blue edges so i have edges on the X and Y axis. I’ve gone through all the options in the SubD menu but can’t figure this out.

thx in advance for any help and enlightenments on this issue :smiling_face:

The first you can do with InsertPoint (green marked), the second with InsertEdge (red marked):


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wow … thank you so much for the super quick solution … i knew it must have been something simple :rofl: :rofl:

not so simple unfortunately, the naming has not only you been driving astray… i am sure everybody starting with subd on rhino will be lost for quite a while if not coming fro trying to get help…