Can't extrude srf to boundary

Hi all,

See attachement’s. I cant extrude this object toBoundary, object and boundary in drawing.
Can anyone help me?

If I can remember right this object is created by lines and then lofted.

I got more elements, but what I want to do is extrude them all and union them with a sole pattern to create a solid object.

extrudeSRF.3dm (105.0 KB)

_ExtrudeSRF _B=No _S=Yes _L=Yes _T

Hi Jordy - fails here too - for now, just use ExtrudeCrv on the edge. If you pull the edge curve to the surface first you can get the exact distance.

If I patch the extracted wireframe of your surface, and extrude that to the boundary, it does work. Still poking.


Hi pascal,

Oke thanks. But I also got surfaces that don’t all end “planar”. But a solution can be to make a script of all elements and patch them before extruding them. Takes a bit longer but probably can do the job.

I have like 10 elements on 1 pattern. They all need to booleanUnion so I can get a watertight object. With a small work around like patching should not be a problem.

Thanks for the tip. If I have more questions I will let you know.