Can't export STL file

5A745 can’t export STL.

error during writing.

We see this (MR-1643). Thanks.

I’m having the same problem, a workaround is to use a previous version. If you need a 3dm file to duplicate this, let me know.

I’m having the same problem, using the latest build from today. I tried opening it on my laptop that has a previous build, but that version expired March 8. Damn. How do I get a Rhino build with working STL export??? I really need to print something today…

Try my work-around, which was designed more for quality control, but may work as a hack-around.

  • Mesh → from NURBS Object
  • Review the mesh object to make sure its still closed.
  • File → Export Selected → pick the mesh

Oh that’s cool - so it’s just the polygon conversion part that’s messing up when I tried to export the NURBS as STL. Thanks a lot for that!

I started another thread about this(couldn’t find it searching somehow)

I’ve tried this workaround but it’s not working for me. Anyone have anything else?

I’ve used it about 5 times since my post. Works fine every time. Can you describe your process?

i think whats going on (with info from another member) is I’m not selecting only the mesh but the nurbs surface too. Is there some way I can select just the mesh? It’s only letting me select one part(surface) of the mesh at a time and I know I’m going to miss pieces

I would try Hiding all the surfaces that you don’t want - or put them on another layer and only show the polygon surfaces you want to select for export. Probably selecting the NURBS is messing it up for you.

Well i saved a copy of of the file and I’ve tried to select all the nurbs surfaces and deleted them and it still won’t export to stl. Just as i thought I’m not sure how to know whether there’s some surfaces I haven’t found yet

OK I finally tracked down all the hidden surfaces and it worked. there has to be an easier way to separate the mesh from the nurbs surfaces.

[quote=“mattv, post:12, topic:17975, full:true”] there has to be an easier way to separate the mesh from the nurbs surfaces.

you can use the command SelMesh to select only the mesh objects

Thanks Jeff I knew there must be an easier way!

[If this is available on the Mac version] just open or dock the Select toolbar. You can then select by any entity type. I usually put my meshes on their own layer.

This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Another easy work-around is to make a Mesh from your BREP and export the mesh as STL.