Can't edit SD account profile information

As I try to update my profile eg. change name, description, logo, the site lets me edit it but not save it.
The Save button remains gray and unclickable

This is likely a form validation issue. Did you check if any of the fields you specified throws an error on the page? For example: username too short, disallowed characters, image too big, etc…

It shows an error message if the text is too long but even if I make it super short (and this is the only thing I change on the whole page), it still doesn’t work.

Please send me (in a private message) a screenshot of all the fields from the form with the values you are trying to enter. It is possible that the form is not giving feedback about a forbidden or missing value at the moment.

Found issues:

  • The new platform does not allow descriptions longer than 100 characters.
  • The social media links do not accept dots in the last part (in this case, the dot in “”)

Both issues will be fixed in the next platform update.