Can't distribute to grid

Hi, when I tried to distribute to grid after exporting solutions, nothing showed but I can preview them respectively, I wonder what the problem is, thank you.


By default the component’s preview is off, you need to turn the preview on to see them in Rhino scene

Thank you for your help! I tried but it still didn’t work :pleading_face:

Can you share your file? I can not help you only with an image.

Sorry to trouble you :face_holding_back_tears:, in the GH file I use an extension called ‘horster’ to get the initial number of floors, and the upper curve button is for all the building bases while the lower one is for the block.
0527.3dm (82.6 KB) (241.2 KB)

I don’t understand what doesn’t work. It works perfectly from my end. Please check below.

It can’t work when using my data from my end, I’m also confused that it can run when using example file.