Cant delete Layer: list of hidden/locked/inside-block instances/objects-on-layouts for particular layer?

Hi Forum!
Is this possible to get info on where “lost” (hidden/locked/within blocks/on layouts) objects are?
every couple of days i clean up my file and am searching for these, which takes quite a long time…

a merge layers-command (like in autocad would be cool workaround as well).

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Rescue3dmFile command, Analyze option

thanks andrew…
until now keeps on hanging up (files around 300mb) … isnt there an option like search all objects everywhere… and count all objects /hidden/inblock/locked etc…?

RescueBlockOrphans command may help.

Hi Anika - the Purge command may help - this will get rid of ( check the command line options…) unused block definitions, which may allow you to delete layers that contained that geometry.


purge command i know… but it often happens that there actually is some object in a nested block which i use, but forgot that the object could actually be in there. i just need something to point me towards where an object on a layer could be.
2 objects in block “first story/columns” (block within block).
3 locked objects on layout “scribble”
… sorry bad job in describing the issue.