Can't delete element definition

Hi, I imported some blocks from a .val template and after that I saw I needed to do some changes in them. I went to this template original file, did the modifications I wanted and exported to a new .val file but with the same elements styles names and it didn’t updated at all.

I tried VAupdating, deleting 2d blocks definitions e etc… but none worked and I cannot delete the old element style.

How can I update this template properly in the file??

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate
I’m not sure if the problem is a specific style or all styles? If it’s a single style you can’t delete, first thing is to make sure that the style is the current selected style in the VAElement command - because the currently selected style is locked. Set another style as the current and then go back to VAElementStyles to delete.
Could that be it?
HTH, Jakob