Cant connect different edges to the same loft

Hi, I am pretty new to rhino and grasshopper, and I am trying to connect different edges from revit to a Loft in order to do a surface, but it doesn’t let me connect both edges to it.

R.C on the loft input of curves and flatten

what do you mean with R.C

Right click

I tried, and it didn’t work either.

could you share your grasshopper file ?


Assignment.rar (5.4 KB)

are the curves in rhino ?can you internalize the curves in grasshopper the right click on the input ?

no, the curves are from Revit, and I am following a video my professor prepared for us, and I have followed all his steps, but nothing.

Hi - this is a Rhino.Inside Revit question and so I’m changing the category of this thread.

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Take a look at the video here. It uses the “Edge” components in Rhino.Inside.Revit to grab edges from Revit walls and construct a loft. Try this and see if it works. Let us know if it doesn’t :slight_smile: