Can't close a open surface in brep

Hi I have been making a certain pattern and doing the final touch. I have used cap hole to closed the open surface but when it shows a preview rendering it somehow only closes the hole in a horizantal way to the plane. Can anybody help find a solution to this?GH (13.5 KB) RH file.3dm (122.3 KB)

Cap will only work on holes that are planar, the holes that you’ve split are twisted and non planar.

One way could be just to patch the naked edges of the breps. i’ve slightly edited your script below:

GH file (11.1 KB)

Thank you for your help!! One more question. The rendering model seems to appear only when I clear the designated node. How can I make the model to appear on screen(without baking)?

is this selected?

Oh got it! Thanks for your help Thomas!