Can't click on a direct shape?

Thought I followed the exact approach for moving BREP in r3d into HG thru direct shape, however can’t select the element in revit to inspect it. Also, some truss elements brought in earlier are not clickable and came in with instructions.
My Revit user helper doesn’t know why…
Also, curves aren’t showing up:

Would you mind sharing Revit and GH files so I can inspect? Also please makes you have the latest Rhino (7.1) and Rhino.Inside.Revit (0.0.7643.*) installed

Working with the latest WIP version, 1 week before 7 release.

THe revit file with nothing in it is 20mB. It also has some issues on this file not found which I am unsure if the entrie Revit package is problematic or if a Rhino interaction issue: Have you seen it?: image

Solved: Just needed to click this to select the stuff coming in:… image
False alarm, sorry!


just curious: why DirectShape created by RiR are all pinned by default? How to disable this (change default to unpinned)?

There is an Unpin component, but do note – this will remove the element tracking as well.