Cant choose corner

Hello everyone,
I am unable to move an object by choosing a specific corner. It randomly choses a space on the workspace. Does anyone know how to fix it? By osnaps are all on.

Hello- is grid snap on?


yes it is on.
I saved an archicad file as 3dm and then this happened.

Hi -

Does turning it off help anything?

Does that mean that this is file-specific or does it happen in a new file as well?

its file specific
it only happens on this file

when i look at your cplane it seems clear that you have an object somewhere in the nanometer region, all sorts of snaps and movements get really weird when your dimensions in regards to the cplane are off.

having then grid snaps on will make it unusable.

what do you suggest I should do?

check the dimension of your object, and scale it up by a magnitude (or two), i assume you set the dimension wrong while importing.

oh i scaled it up but I still have the same problem.
you are right maybe I scaled it wrong when importing but I tried importing a 3ds file and the same thing happened. maybe I should check the dimensions when im importing a file from another program. thank you

Hi -

Since you say that this is file specific, just upload the file.