Can't change single object layer

Hello, I’m very new to Rhino. I am trying to follow a tutorial to model a house, and made 3 layers: ground plan, first floor and section. I made 3 rectangular surfaces using the 3 or 4 point surface tool, and applied a texture with the JPG image to each layer.
Suddenly, the layers started changing and now every surface is in the same layer, and if I want to change one object’s layer, the 3 of them are transfered to that layer. What is going on??
Here’s the file:
Simple house.3dm (3.6 MB)

I checked your file and they are all on different layers. You can go to the properties tab, to see what layer something is on. Not having a proper outliner, where you see the objects inside the layer logic, would really help, but alas, Rhino refuses to add this, despite literally every other 3D tool in the world having it.

What did you try to do where it appears like they are all on the same layer?

I was looking at this upper window bc I saw a Windows tutorial where they changed the object’s layer by clicking that option, now I got it! Thank you!

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