Cant boolean two closed objects?

Hi everybody.

Can anyone tell me whats I am doing wrong / missing here please ?

Both objects are saying they are closed.

What am I doing wrong ?



Razor end fail.3dm (5.2 MB)

They look like they should.
I’ll poke around with it.

There is a skinny surface that looks like a seam in the end of the torus closest to the edge is the problem.
Explode the torus, delete that skinny surface, and Join the torus back together.
Then it will Boolean.

Also, your "relative tolerance of 0.01% could be a problem.
Why is it so tiny?

Hi John.

Awesome thanks that worked a treat !

So I take it then that a closed polysurface can still have errant bits of objects that can cause them to fail ?

Is there something in the object properties panel that would have told me that ?

Also the tolerance is just the standard setting on the document I opened.

I take it it is wrong for a model this size ?



I found the skinny surface by making intersection curves, then trying to Trim surfaces. I managed to click on the larger surfaces on either side and it remained. Bingo.
I undid the trimming, deleted the skinny surface and Joined the torus parts and it joined up closed again.

Those aren’t default tolerance settings.
My guess is someone changed them and overwrote your template files with the tighter settings.
Small objects - Millimeters default settings are 0.001mm, 1% and 1 degree. I use 0.5 degree a lot personally.

Hey john.

Yup your right, it wasn’t a default setting.

It was a tutorial .3dm so they must have changed it for some reason.

Thats interesting how you found the problem.

Once you told me what was wrong I uploaded then hid the parts one by one until I found the culprit.