Can't array on Y axis

I can’t seem to be able array items on the Y axis. Doing so on the X axis seems to work fine but when I attempt to do the same on the Y Axis, the arrayed items disappear as soon as I click ‘done’ to complete the action. Has anyone else come across this ‘problem’ or am I the problem!!!


are you using the _Array command? (or Array-> Rectangular if using the menus)

i can use that command to array in the Y axis only.

the problem with your description is the command has quite a few prompts- most of which allow the opportunity to push ‘done’… when, exactly, are you pushing done? (as in- you’ll have to type each step you do and what happens after that etc… or maybe upload a little video showing it… sometimes easier to do that instead of typing out each step)

in the meantime, if you’re wanting to only array on the Y axis, you might try ArrayLinear because it’s a simpler/faster dialog if going in one direction as opposed to 3.