Can't add period after integers


I’m struggling to take my list of values (most with 4 decimal places, some that are integers) and add periods to the end of integer values (not values that already contain a period). This task is critical because ultimately this script will be integrated into a script used to generate gcode for a CNC machine. The machine i’m using will not recognize values without a period, which causes the machine to return to 0 every time it encounters an period-less integer. These erroneous movements can easily destroy my workpiece, bits, the machine, and endanger me. so i’d really like to get to the bottom of it!

weirdly my script seemed to work fine on my personal copy of rhino 6 last night, but when i try the same script on rhino 7 today it won’t work.

Any help would be appreciated
thank you so much!

add period after integer (54.2 KB)

Wire your Num param through a Txt param.


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