Canon Camera

Hi all, first post here.
Here is one of my older projects, re-rendered. Hope you like. It is a Canon A1 DSLR camera.


Looks nice! The matte feeling on the surfae is awesome.
Which rendering engine did you use?

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Thanks Toshiaki,
I used Keyshot for this one

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That looks awesome! Even the depth of field effect on the wooden table looks very well done. The amount of detail on the camera body is impressive.

It is a Canon A1 DSLR camera.

I think it’s just an SLR camera, not a DSLR :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, I usually try to put as much detail into my models, that makes rendering easier and more realistic.

haha! you got me there :slight_smile: typo :stuck_out_tongue: