Cannot upload file

I receive this error every time after uploading. I tried image & GH files. Tried disabling ad-blocker, as well as in Edge and Chrome.

The request to AMZN S3 looks OK though.

Hi -
I copied your image and am testing the upload here.
That seems to work fine from my end.

If you are in China, use a proxy.

Somehow I can upload files on other Discourse-based sites. The issue may be related to Amazon S3 as I would investigate a little bit more.

Somehow I am experiencing the issue again. It has nothing to do with connectivity because I can witness file data is correctly sent to the remote S3 server, by packet capturing. The console says “couldn’t read the ETag header”.


And the weird thing is the issue happens only on my company computer. The upload works flawlessly at my home but I am not able to find any substantial config difference.