Cannot split solid with surface


I cannot split the solid with the surface. The error says:

This is the solid (orange) and the surface (blue) I am using.

Any ideas what might be the reason? I changed CPlane to “object” but with no efect.

Hello - please run Intersect on the objects - is the result a closed curve?


Hello, It appears so:

Hello- please use SelOpenCrv, SelClosedCrv, or ShowEnds or What to determine if the curve is closed. Or, just export the two objects and post that file here.


I think it will be best to send the file:

Split problem.3dm (473.3 KB)

Hello - this looks buggy to me - for now, select and Explode the beam, and while still selected, trim or split with the plane, then Join and Cap.

Hm… @s.urbanski - run MergeAllCoplanarFaces, then split… not sure yet where or why this is doing something good but it seems to.

There is a skinny, zero area surface - smaller than tolerance in the beam, that is why merging fixes it.


You should probably verify the curve that generated the beam.


Hello and thank you. “MergeAllCoplanarFaces” allowed me to split the beam.

I put this on the CheckForHumans bug list since I have been working on this lately.