Cannot separate Oriented objects on xy plane

I have a series of varying geometries and I would like to orient in the xy axis so that I can fabricate the geometries. I am using surface closest point and evaluate surface to get the base plane from the geometries and I can orient the geometries on xy plane however I cannot separate them on the xy plane. Please see screen shot and definition.

062421_Orient (89.4 KB)


Yeah I use pufferfish for offset surface. Because it creates a solid BREP

you can use a series with the total number of items to move and the distance to move each one. then use the move component

I use the series component but all of a sudden it stops move the peices. Please see screen shot

Is that in the posted script? I can’t see enough in your image to determine what is going on. Nevertheless, it seems like you aren’t counting the length of the objects to move and inputting that number into the series component. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the issue since there are 10 movements (the default value for the series component) of your objects.

062421_Orient (60.8 KB)

OMG, Thank you so much. It works! That looked so simple just evaluate surface, reparametrize.