Cannot select option to install for "Anyone who uses this computer"


I recently downloaded and tried Installing Grasshopper_0.9.56.0. The first screen that pops up during install asks who you want to install Grasshopper for. There are two options:

Option 1: Just Me
Option 2: Anyone who uses this computer

Option 1, Just Me, is selected and option 2, Anyone who uses this computer, is greyed out. Any ideas why this would be?

Thanks you for your time!

Hi Sean,

The following may work here… please let me know.

To install for all users, please do the following:

Rename the .RHI file to .ZIP
Extract the contents of the .RHI file to a place that is readable by all users (Program Files\Grasshopper, for example)
Right-click the Rhino icon, then click Run as Administrator
From the Tools menu, click Options
In the Plug-ins tab, click the Install… button
Browse to the appropriate plug-in for the platform of Rhino you are running
Once you close Rhino, the plug-in will be installed for all users.

When a new version of the plug-in is available, simply unzip it into the same directory and the computer will be updated. You won’t need to start Rhino to re-load the plug-in again.