Cannot select/drag while zoomed in

Ive just come across a problem where I am not able to select or drag a Cylinder shape that I had previously created while zoomed in. I am able to select and drag everything else, but this cylinder cannot be selected or moved. I deleted it and created a new one, and the same thing happens. Then i created a cube and a truncated cone to test out other shapes and they aren’t affected by this problem, only the cylinder cannot be selected or moved while extremely zoomed.

Edit: I would like to note, i am able to use the “move” command to move it while zoomed, just can’t click and drag like i normally would

Hi Aaron- Can you post a file with a view zoomed so that it does not work?



You want a picture? You see the black line going horizontal near the center of the screen? thats the bottom edge of my cylinder and i was trying to click and drag it up to the bottom of the red (wireframe) polysurface, but it just wouldn’t let me select it or drag it without using the “Move” command.

Hi Aaron, I’d like the Rhino file with the cylinder zoomed so that you cannot work with it as expected, if that is possible.



UPDATE: At this zoom (zoomed out a bit), i can click to select the cylinder if i click it about 2 inches away from my model (1"grid), but zoomed any further in than this, i can’t click to select. Also i just realized i am able to “left drag” it to select it at any zoom. I only won’t allow me to “click to select”.

ok heres my file, excuse the mess, I’m a student and its a work in progress lol.Palm Brush Oblong.3dm (2.3 MB)

Thanks, I see the problem here as well.