Cannot scale with factor zero

I’m trying to make a Parametric Pattern for a surface but the scaling gives me an error I’ve tried to change the numbers but still not working

please open your GH file, right click on the leftmost Srf component and select internalize data, then reply/edit this thread and attach that file

or you change the factor of scale for example with a formula like that
Scale factor= Max(scale factor, 0.1)
you filter the output and don’t use Null results

Whatever you do “non physical” “empty” “null” “0”… geometry is useless

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Untitled.3dm (419.1 KB)

or, by extension, you filter the output, and replace null results with what you want to see when the scale factor is zero.

because your initial surface is flat, its mean curvature is zero everywhere
this means that all your scale factors are 0s

how would you like to control the scaling of the circles?

what can i do to apply the pattern on this surface?