Cannot rotate text in a layout either with gumbal or rotation in the text properties

I was trying to label parts on a layout and found I couldn’t rotate the text either with gumbal or rotation in the text properties. With gumbal, the text moves around a point but does not itself rotate. Nothing happens when I change the rotation in the text’s properties.

Hi Calypso,
here it works correctly.
Attached an example.
Test_Layout_TXT_Rotated.3dm (170.9 KB)
Can you send a capture screen or a file where you cannot rotate the text?

Your file works. Mine still does not. I wonder if it has something to do with the style imported from an
auto cad file?

Same thing happened when I tested on the 12.

Yes, probably there is a “always horizontal” option selected in the dimension style properties.

Thanks for that. I switched off “Horizontal to view” and that solved the problem.

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