Cannot Rotate block instances


I cannot rotate block instances. After finishing rotate command, blocks are reverting back to its original orientation. Commandline shows: Unable to transform 1 object.

Any help, please?


version 5 SR5 17.7. Grouped exploded blocks can be rotated with no problems

(Pascal Golay) #3

Epiphany- Can you post here or send to an example file please?




Here is the example.
example.3dm(350.6 KB)



(Willem Derks) #6


I can rotate the block without a problem.
Can you confirm that when opening this file you posted you cannot rotate it either?
Might it be in your original file you have History on the block and history locking on?



please try to rotate 90 degrees with osnap and smartrack with ortho enabled.


rhino3d rotate bug.mp4 (4.8 MB)
/fresh new install Win7 64bit and Rhino 5 latest

(Willem Derks) #9


I have no clue what could be causing this. Maybe @pascal can have a look and suggest things to check.

One more thing though did you already update to the latest SR?



I guess it must be related to smarttrack and world origin. Rotating by entering numeric value works smoothly, non orthogonal angle too. Moving object closer to world origin solves the problem, but I must keep world origin due other collaboratos.

(Pascal Golay) #11

If you make copies of the instance (or any object) and History recordingg is enabled and Lock Children is set, then you will not be able to reansform the copies- they will appear to and then revert. No idea if that is part of the problem… your test file seems OK as is here.


(Willem Derks) #12

Hi Pascal,
I was able to reproduce the behaviour; it’s to do with having ortho on and doing the rotation as in Epiphany’s video. I suspect it could indeed be related to the object being far from the origin and ortho not picking up on the axis correctly…or something.


(Pascal Golay) #13

Hi Willem- I can make it happen as well now- thanks. I see that iff I edit the block- say add a point to it, rotation works when I am done.