Cannot remember the command for this

In the wonderful world of Rhino’s huge array of commands it is easy to forget stuff…

… I’m pretty sure that there is a command for this, and was illustrated in a V4 remote control tutorial that I watched about three years ago. If you look at the image attached, you’ve got several parallel or semi parallel lines and you want closed curves (loops) to run through them. The red curves in my illustration were generated with interpolate curve but are not vertical. I believe that the command I am thinking of will keep all the curves that touch all the lines vertical – almost like cutting sections through them. You can then use those curves (loops) to loft between them.

Anyone remembers this?

@pascal or @mitch maybe?

Maybe you’re thinking of the CSec command…? True, very little heard about these days… Kinda Rhino 1.0 stuff…


I think you’re right Mitch.
The User’s Guide tutorial “Trace Images” (the dragonfly) I think makes liberal use of it.
Very nice tutorial.

That’s it! Thank you, guys. On a Saturday morning, too!

@mitch @john_brock