Cannot override error when migrating to RH 6 (C++)

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to migrate plugins form 5 to 6.

I receive a lot of errors of the following type:

error C3248:
CRhinoGetPoint::OnMouseMove declared as 'final" cannot be overridden

of course, OnMouseMove as well as other important methods are not final.
I receive the same error when trying to create a RH 6 plugin from scratch in VS 2017

What should I either install or change?

Thanks in advance,

Take a look at the declaration of the function in the SDK header - it points you to the right solution

//These sealed versions of the virtual functions with the old declarations are here specifically to break
//older plug-ins to ensure they don’t miss a virtual function not being overridden.

// OBSOLETE - use the nFlags version
virtual void OnMouseMove(CRhinoViewport& vp,const ON_3dPoint& point,const class CPoint* view_wnd_point) final;

Hi @gm_user,

See the following:

– Dale

Thanks a lot