Cannot Load Rhino 4.0 on laptop

Hi I have disc and key but only goes to a small icon on bottom task bar says C:\users\shaun\apdata\local\temp\7zsc786.tmp\english\startup…cfg and does nothing further…
Help Please!!! Anybody

@shaun.smuts Try downloading the installer from here,

Does that work?

Hi Vanessa

It does exactly the same gets to the same point and stops

My Machine is running windows 10

Hi @shaun.smuts - Something to keep in mind is that V4 was developed long before Windows 10 came out, so even once installed, you might run into issues. Just a disclaimer ;-)…

Now, to try and get V4 installed, if you have an optical drive on your computer, insert the V4 CD > browse to the Rhino_setup.msi file. Otherwise, you can unzip the V4 installer file you downloaded from our site and browse to the same Rhino_setup.msi file. This file should get Rhino 4 installed on your system.