Cannot install Gearmaker from 2020 gearGen.rvb

Attempting to install the very useful plug-in, GearMaker, without success. I have downloaded the file gearGen.rvb from Discourse, circa 2020, and left it in my Win 10 Downloads folder.

Opened Rhino 5.0, and used File, Properties, Plug-in to arrive at a tabular display of currently installed plug-ins. Punched the “Install” button below the table.

In response to the Install button Rhino opens the Win 10 Download folder and displays those files it thinks it could install, including rvb’s and some .dll’s. It does not, however, display the gearGen.rvb from which I am trying to install the Gearmaker plug in.

You can begin to type gearGen.rbv into a panel for file names adjacent to the Install button. Rhino will surface the whole filename, gearGen.rbv. But there is no futher progress. Rhino says to contact the plug in writer because it cannot install the plug in.

Tried it again on Rhino 7 – same problem.

I started using GearMaker on Rhino 4. In that epoch the installation process involved using Options and Alias. But this older installation procedure for plug ins seems to have been superceded by the big “Install” button in Rhino 5.0 and 7.0

I don’t make gears often, but when I do the GearMaker plug in is indispensable. A wonderful plug in.

Appreciate your insights on how to install this 2020 version. Maybe I am missing a step.


Hi -

An rvb file is a Rhino VB script, not a plug-in.
Depending on how the script is written, drag-and-drop-ing it onto Rhino will either just run the script or will create an alias that you can later use to run it.
Also see the “Scripting” section of the help page on scripts and macros.