Cannot inspect variables when debugging

Hello to all,
does anyone experiment this issue using VS 2015 community Update 3.

When I try to debug and Inspect a class created by me, VS close Rhino and doesn’t allow me inspect the variables.

I tried:
Repair VS 2015.
Change the debugging options
Reset the settings as well

any clue comment that could be?
kind regards

Hmm, seems to work here.

Make sure you are debugging in a Debug build configuration. The RhinoCommon plug-in wizard creates two debug configurations: Debug32 and Debug64, with the only difference being the external program it starts when debugging.

Also, our Debug build configuration project settings should look similar to this:

– Dale

Thanks a lot Dale.

I have a similar configuration in project settings, the is: Active(debug 64). please have a look the images attached.

Packing is the rhino plugin command and packinginterface is a project in WPF. When the plug-in is executed, the wpf window is called, the data is processed and son on. Then I use rhino to display the geometry. the code works well. The big problem is I cannot inspect the classes and variables. Because VS community 2015 close Rhino every time I try to inspect a variable.

Since the project it not so big right now, I will creates a new rhino project and an new wpf to test everything again.
I also open a threat in VS forum.

thanks in advance

Hi Carlos,

Well that all looks normal. Are you able to set and hit breakpoints in your source code?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Yes, I’m able to place breakpoints.
I did a video with the issue:

In VS forum suggested the error comes from the Rhino template. My “feeling” is the error comes from a conflict in the git, nevertheless I can’t explained and/or proved.

I restart a new Rhino project and a new WPF window. And so far is working and I can inspect the variables.