Cannot inspect variables when debugging



Hello to all,
does anyone experiment this issue using VS 2015 community Update 3.

When I try to debug and Inspect a class created by me, VS close Rhino and doesn’t allow me inspect the variables.

I tried:
Repair VS 2015.
Change the debugging options
Reset the settings as well

any clue comment that could be?
kind regards

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hmm, seems to work here.

Make sure you are debugging in a Debug build configuration. The RhinoCommon plug-in wizard creates two debug configurations: Debug32 and Debug64, with the only difference being the external program it starts when debugging.

Also, our Debug build configuration project settings should look similar to this:

– Dale


Thanks a lot Dale.

I have a similar configuration in project settings, the is: Active(debug 64). please have a look the images attached.

Packing is the rhino plugin command and packinginterface is a project in WPF. When the plug-in is executed, the wpf window is called, the data is processed and son on. Then I use rhino to display the geometry. the code works well. The big problem is I cannot inspect the classes and variables. Because VS community 2015 close Rhino every time I try to inspect a variable.

Since the project it not so big right now, I will creates a new rhino project and an new wpf to test everything again.
I also open a threat in VS forum.

thanks in advance

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi Carlos,

Well that all looks normal. Are you able to set and hit breakpoints in your source code?

– Dale


Hi Dale,

Yes, I’m able to place breakpoints.
I did a video with the issue:

In VS forum suggested the error comes from the Rhino template. My “feeling” is the error comes from a conflict in the git, nevertheless I can’t explained and/or proved.

I restart a new Rhino project and a new WPF window. And so far is working and I can inspect the variables.